“LANIAKEA GATE SERIES”. Meteorite, topaz and gold (1/10)


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Series of 20 similar units (in different precious stones)

This specific piece was made with blue topaz. Imperial, tourmaline or morganite will be quoted individually.

• Meteorite Seymchan.
• Blue Sky Topaz: 19,5 ct.
• 18 carat white gold structure.
• White gold chain of 18 K. and 45 cm. of length.
• 0.8 mm. thick glass.
• Pendant length size: 5,5 cm.

The back part of the pendant is covered with glass, subject to a golden profile of 18 K. which allows to visualize the meteorite also in the back part, and to isolate the jewel of the skin in the area of skin contact .Please, see section “Care”